Fero Fit

Amp up your fitness routine with Fero Fit


Work on the new you today

FeroFit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on functional movements at high intensity.

Whether you are a beginner joining in for the first time, or an advanced athlete, FeroFit offers a challenge for everyone that wants to improve their overall health and fitness in a shorter time than most fitness programs. 


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Custom movements to fit your needs

Think you can't do Fero Fit because of lack of mobility or past injuries. No problem. We alter the movements to what you can do to get maximum results


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What's in our facility


·         Barbells &

          Bumper Plates

·         Kettle Bells

·         Jump Ropes

·         Boxes

·         Wall balls

·         Resistance Bands

·         Suspended Rings

·         Ab Mats


·         24ft, 14 sation

          Monster Rig

·         Suspended Ropes

·         Pull-Up Bars

·         Squat Racks

·         Locker Rooms

·         GHB's


What are our hours?



Our classes last an hour and takes place at the following times:

5AM, 7AM, 8AM, 12PM and 5:30PM


We only have one class on Saturdays and it takes place at 8:30AM

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Fero FIt membership is a month to month membership that gives you access to our entire facility including the 24/7 Lake Oconee Family Fitness Center. Come to as many classes as you like, no limitations!

$15/per session

Not quite ready for a full membership or your schedule is not predictable.....feel free to drop in anytime for a session by session basis!